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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco

For some people, when they hear the word business, they think it is purely a serious deliberation about money matters – a boring activity of only a few elites. However, looking closely at the meaning of this word, you will realize that it can be any activity every individual usually go through every day. The acts of decision-making, negotiating and consensus are the very things that we go through daily.

What then can we benefit from business deals aside from monetary profits?


Many lasting friendships are born out of simple business encounters. Even if the individuals representing companies from different countries come together, becoming friends, later on, will be evident. This is often true in repeated encounters such as attendance on other occasions socially or business related seminars and conferences. Friendly relations are built because of their common interests and personalities.

Successful ventures

Most encounters end positively when both parties share mutual interests and benefits. This is often a product of careful preparation, constant communication, and clear terms and conditions. There is a need for a team of experts on both ends who will map out the details and logistics for the venture. When the expectations are well understood and agreed upon before the meeting, there is a greater chance for success. To top it, the representative of each company must have a pleasing personality and positive outlook which will greatly and positively affect the results.

Future partnerships

An effective first encounter can lead to further future deals. Even a simple initial meeting can be the stepping stone to regular meetings and further collaboration. As a matter of fact, any person you come in contact with may turn into a prospective client or partner. There are no accidents in business and in life in general. Every incident is an opportunity to grow.

Consensus over conflict

Despite differences in goals and motives, correct and creative ways of negotiations often lead to fruitful outcomes. Individuals and societies are conditioned to avoid conflict or if it ever occurs as a result of differences, they always find a way to lessen the tension and deal with it amicably. When harmony is achieved within a system or between systems, success is attainable.

Profitable exchange

The end results of business deals are always geared at success financially. Although the monetary aspect is the obvious end result of every negotiation, it should not stop there. Any meeting, whether it ends in agreement or not, must end in goodwill and promise of future collaboration. There should be continuing relationship and prospect.


Post Author: Scott Paul

Scott is a writer and blogger who loves to travel the world and discover new places. He shares his adventures to everyone through the power of words and photos.